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Wearing e-collars require a proper fit in rodents; otherwise, rodents will swell up or escape.  At Ludomed, in collaboration with our partners, we developed a solution that combines the best of rat jackets and Elizabethan collars in one product,  allowing rodents to wear it safely without the risk of removing points post-surgery or self-grooming.


This product is tailored to fit all rat strains' body shape and proportions.

Ludo-collar, Rat Jacket with Collar

  • X-Small 100-150

    Small 150-250

    Medium 250-350

    Large 350-500

    X-Large >500

    • Double layered spandex/nylon mesh - breathable and lightweight, enhances airflow and temperature regulation.
    • Low-density polyethylene plastic collar.
    • Hook and loop fasteners - allows for quick, easy connection of the jacket to collar.
    • Made in Canada.

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