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About Us

We are Ludomed Equipment

Building on 20 years of preclinical research experience, Ludomed is a new market player and manufacturer based in the province of Quebec, Canada.


​We are proud to produce a range of animal jackets and products that simplify infusion procedures, preclinical research and in vivo studies.


All our products are produced in Canada. We ship internationally.

ludomed equipment labels

Why to choose Ludomed?


Our products are made in Canada from local and imported components. We actively seek to use materials and designs that prioritize welfare amongst animals.


As a manufacturer, we can offer you short lead times. You can also create custom products and quickly make adjustments during the manufacturing process. Small orders are welcomed. 


We have a dedicated team at your service who can solve any issue. This workforce has proven experience in CROs, and they are aware of the problems that might arise in your day-to-day.



We work closely with CROs and research centers to have their best interest in mind and do whatever is in our power to provide them with what they need to achieve their studies.

Ludomed, the 3RS and
Animal Welfare

In addition to having a positive impact on study results, the use of our products is intended to reduce stress amongst both animals and scientists. Ludomed is committed to the established principles of the Three R’s (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement), and actively seeks to use materials and designs that prioritize welfare amongst animals.

lab beagle dog wearing a dog undershirt
rat wearing a jacket for continuous infusion

Let us know the type of research you are doing to find the model that fits the best for the study you need to run.

If you do not find the species listed in our catalog or the item you are looking for, we can provide a customized solution.

If required, you can carry out a test using a single sample before you decide to run the study.

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