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Animal Collars

Collars for Laboratory Animal Research

An Elizabethan collar is a device designed to prevent animals from reaching wounds in post-operative processes and/or any devices attached to the animal's body during the study.  They can also be used during routine dosing or any other procedure.

Ludomed collars and jackets can be utilized simultaneously in study scenarios.

Ludomed’s collars offer excellent protection without affecting the animal's feeding activity or mobility.  Our line of collars covers those species commonly used in scientific research, including those we manufacture jackets for, which include:

Dog cone collars



col guinea.jpg

Guinea Pig Elizabethan Collars

Rabbit cone collar



Monkey cone collar

Non-Human Primate Elizabethan Collars

Rat cone collar

Rodent Elizabethan Collars

cervical dog.jpg

Cervical Collars

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