Animal Undershirts

Animal Undershirts

Ludomed produces a wide range of animal undershirts for test scenarios. These are designed to fit comfortably under animal jackets.


The use of animal jackets for extended periods in study scenarios has brought to light the need for good skincare practices. Undershirts reduce the occurrence of lesions and skin conditions for jacketed animals. These garments thus form an important part of many facilities’ inventory - improving welfare and respecting the ingrained principles of the three R’s (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement).


Ludomed manufactures animal undershirts for all standard species, and can customize and modify these products to suit individual animals as required.

Beagle undershirt
Dog Undershirts
Rabbit undershirt
Rabbit Undershirts
Swine undershirt
Mini Pig Undershirts
Monkey undershirt
Non-Human Primate Undershirts

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