Animal Jackets

Animal Jackets

The scientific community recognizes that the use of animal jackets in preclinical studies substantially eases the collection of data and minimizes unnecessary human interaction with the animal during drug administration.  An effective animal jacket can ensure medical devices are not damaged or interfered with during a procedure.

Our speciality

Ludomed jackets have been specially designed for a broad variety of scientific studies; especially infusion procedures, where the use of jackets is an important success factor.

The design of our jackets allows for on-the-spot adjustments in order to facilitate an animal’s age and weight. One jacket could therefore be used repeatedly throughout a study.


​The best materials are carefully selected to manufacture our jackets.  Materials are chosen to provide  maximum comfort and reduce the risk of injury to the animal, without affecting its normal parameters.


Ludomed jackets are robust enough to withstand even the most demanding study conditions and can be subjected to multiple washing cycles, easily facilitating long-term use.

Our inventory includes jackets for the following species:

Beagle jacket
Dog Jackets
Rabbit jacket
Rabbit Jackets
Gottingen jacket
Mini Pig Jackets
Cynomulgus jacket
Non-Human Primate Jackets
Rat jacket
Rodent Jackets
Guinea pig jacket
Guinea Pig Jackets

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