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Ludomed rat collar for toxicology studies

Introducing the new Ludo-collars

The perfect jacket / collar combination for rodents.

Our Products

Ludomed products are ideal for toxicology and safety pharmacology studies. We produce jackets specially designed to ensure comfort and prioritize welfare while being ultra-resistant and fully customizable to your needs. We also supply a range of additional equipment utilized in preclinical research, including Elizabethan collars and highly-durable sling frames.

Run it social and
keep the Refinement momentum

 Continuous intravenous infusion in pair or group-housed dogs and monkeys is feasible. Our jackets designed for group-housing conditions reduce the risks of equipment damage and contribute to your study compliance with the guidelines on animal welfare.

Small experimental mice in cage

Search by Species

Ludomed monkey jacket designed for toxicology studies


We listen to your needs, meeting your requirements for laboratory equipment to facilitate preclinical research. If you do not find the species listed in our catalog or the item you are looking for, simply let us know, and we can provide a customized solution.

Welfare is at the heart of our designs

Customizing to your needs is our commitment

Ludomed sling cover

About Us

Founded in 2016, Ludomed Equipment Inc. operates from and manufactures in the province of Quebec, Canada. We are dedicated to serving the international scientific community with high-quality products that actively facilitate scientific advances. All our products are produced in Canada and exported to the world.

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