One of the most effective devices for the safe manipulation of animals is the sling. Ludomed retails dependable and supportive frames for animal slings. Durable and steady, the right frame will allow even bulky animals to be easily raised and safely approached.

Animal Sling Frame

  • Suitable for use with animals under 40lbs.
  • 304 stainless steel frame, swivel casters and snaps - long lasting and rust resistant. Cage Wash safe. 

    304 stainless steel snaps - to replace or easily install animal sling covers. These will not rust after washing.

    304 stainless swivel casters wheels - facilitate safe transport between different rooms. These will not rust after washing.

    Nylon ropes - soft on the animal’s skin, allows leg immobilization.

    Water-repellent fabric sling cover -easy to clean and maintain.

    Pedal lock brakes - prevents sling’s wheels from continuing to freely turn during sling use.