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Ludomed guinea pig jackets have been specially designed for a broad variety of scientific studies, especially infusion procedures, where the use of guinea pig jackets is a critical success factor.


Jackets can also serve to protect devices, implants, incisions from guinea pig manipulation or prevent self-injury, which could interfere with wound healing.


This product is tailored to fit the body shape and proportions of a Guinea Pig - Cavia porcellus .

Guinea Pig Jacket

SKU: GU#-0001
  • Small 250-350

    Medium 350-550

    Large 550-700


    • Double layered polyester/nylon mesh - allows for air circulation and temperature regulation. 
    • Hook and loop fasteners - allow for a snug fit, keep the jacket in place.
    • Soft cotton fabric trim - provides increased comfort for animal’s neck. 
    • Made in Canada.

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