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Ludomed telemetry undershirts have been specially designed to compress and hold the electrodes in place or hold respiratory belts while monitoring ECG and other parameters with non-invasive telemetry systems.


This product is tailored to fit the body shape and proportions of a New Zealand rabbit strain.


This product comes in a 3/4-length version.

Rabbit Undershirt, Non-Invasive Telemetry

    • Breed-specific design ensures optimal coverage of rabbit's body.
    • Spandex/nylon fabric - provides elasticity and maximum comfort while helping maintain the garment shape.
    • Hook and loop fasteners - allow for a snug fit around rabbit's neck and rear legs
    • Cotton fabric trim - provides increased comfort for upper arms and elbows.
    • Cotton fabric sleeves (optional) - offer extra warmth and equipment protection.
    • Zipper closure system (optional) - ensures high product durability depending on your study design.
    • Designed for use with most commercial non-invasive telemetry systems.
    • Made in Canada.

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