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A Tether end plate is fixed and sewn on our standard Ludomed dog jacket for the connection of large animal tethers generally used in continuous intravenous infusion studies.


These jackets are tailored to fit the body shape and proportions of a Beagle.

Dog Jacket with Tether End Plate

SKU: DO#-#T01
    • 304 stainless steel Tether End Plate fixed and sewn on the jacket - allows for quick, easy connection of the jacket to infusion equipment.
    • Breed-specific design ensures optimal coverage of the dog's body.
    • Double layered polyester/nylon mesh - breathable and lightweight, enhances airflow and temperature regulation.
    • Nylon/spandex fabric trim - provides increased comfort for upper arms and elbows.
    • Cotton fabric sleeves (optional) - offer extra warmth and equipment protection.
    • Nylon/spandex fabric inserts - protect skin from chafing. Chafing may occur on animal body parts that rub against the jacket zipper, such as the neck/jowl and the upper back.
    • Hook and loop fasteners and adjustable straps - allow for a snug fit around dog's neck and rear legs.
    • YKK® #5 brass zipper – designed for safety and durability.
    • Stainless steel slider hooks and D-rings - help deter animal manipulation - no rust after washing.
    • Full length or 3/4 length versions available.
    • Made in Canada.

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