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Ludomed swine undershirts have been specially designed to fit comfortably under swine jackets.  The use of undershirts can be an option when pigs require to wear jackets for several weeks.


Our inventory includes undershirts for the following swine breeds: Domestic Pig; Göttingen Mini Pig™; Hanford™ Mini Pig; Sinclair™ Mini Pig; For Yorkshire Pig; Yucatan™ Mini Pig.


This product comes in a 3/4-length version.

Swine Undershirt

SKU: ###-3U0#
    • Breed-specific design ensures optimal coverage of pig's body.
    • Spandex/nylon fabric - provides elasticity and maximum comfort while helping maintain the garment shape.
    • Hook and loop fasteners - allow for a snug fit and extensive use among different swine shapes.
    • Rear legs loops - prevent undershirt from riding up at the back.
    • Cotton fabric trim - provides increased comfort for upper arms and elbows.
    • Cotton fabric sleeves (optional) - offer extra warmth and equipment protection.
    • Zipper closure system (optional) - ensures high product durability depending on your study design.
    • Made in Canada.

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