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These jackets are specially designed for resilience, consisting of a hard and durable plastic pocket that resists interference or manipulation by monkeys during drug administration by continuous intravenous infusion.

This durability offers a permanent fix for what has been a consistent issue in study scenarios, especially those employing group-housing conditions. For many years, various works have demonstrated the feasibility of ambulatory infusion in group-housed non-human primates.

The selection of the right equipment is a crucial step in preventing resource damage and being able to achieve outcomes with success.

NHP Jacket with Pocket, Ambulatory Infusion


    • Detachable YKK® #5 brass zipper – designed for strength and durability, makes pocket easy to put on and take off.
    • Transparent window – allows technicians to spot a pump malfunction quickly.
    • Coated nylon fabric finish - protects infusion equipment against extreme housing conditions.
    • Stainless steel slider hooks and D-rings – help deter animal manipulation—no rust after washing.
    • Custom protective foam – fits the infusion pump snugly and prevents the pump from shifting as monkeys move.


    • Breed-specific design ensures optimal coverage of the monkey's body.
    • Double layered polyester/nylon mesh - breathable and lightweight, enhances airflow and temperature regulation.
    • Spandex fabric V-collar - provides additional comfort and prevents damage from gnawing.
    • Spandex fabric underarms - facilitate arms' natural movement and reduce the risk of chafing.
    • Hook and loop fasteners - allow for better fit around monkey's neck and abdomen.
    • Nylon/spandex fabric inserts - protect skin from chafing. Chafing may occur on animal body parts that rub against the jacket zipper, such as the neck/jowl and the upper back.
    • YKK® #5 brass zipper – designed for safety and durability.
    • Stainless steel slider hooks and D-rings - help deter animal manipulation - no rust after washing.
    • Made in Canada.
  • X-Small 1.5-2.0

    Small 2.0-3.0

    Medium 3.0-5.0

    Large 5.0-8.0

    X-Large 8.0-10.0

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